Saturday, March 21, 2009

Monty Biggs modeling WIP

I've been doing some concept sculpting and modeling for Arran Potter's short film project.
I've been very lucky to get the opportunity to work on this project with him and some other very talented artists. The man has a vision, and the film definitely has a chance of being very successful (if I don't stuff it up too much).
This is MAX screenshot of an expression test to see how the model holds up when deformed.
The expression is a bit dodgy, but with work I think Monty should be able to emote pretty well. It's weird to be working mostly in MAX again after mostly using ZBrush but it has given me the chance to think about topology a bit more and that can't hurt.

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  1. Hi Eoin Love the Monty Biggs image. I volunteer at a therapeutic horticulture project near Bristol UK. We would like to recruit Monty as a volunteer as an image for our activities
    Would that be OK with you or Monty's family :) ??Steve Forge email