Saturday, April 30, 2011

Blocking out the rest

I've been blocking out the elements for the rest of the body for this guy. All elements are at varying stages of WIP, the plan is to retop it all using wrapit. I started with a basic naked human mesh and built clothes and stuff around it in max and sculpted in ZB. It's a good challenege to model cloth and something I don't do enough of. The pose is a temp thing cos I got sick of looking at it in a neutral pose. I haven't yet put the top section on the beanie and the jeans are pretty rough. I also thinking of adding headphones as this guy was more or less inspired by people that I see while walking around Melbourne

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Modeling a beanie

My half arsed explanation of how I modeled the beanie.

-Model a stitch
-Unwrapping at this point can be useful for mappin g bump or disp to each stitch
-Mirror it
-Array the stitches (you can adjust the individual stitch easier when it is arrayed properly
-Array the stitches into a cylinder
-Use FFDs and zbrush to wrap it onto the head
-Use spacing tool and a spline to create the rim
-A circular patch of stitches can create the top cap of the beanie, much like real beanies are made

Friday, April 22, 2011

Head WIP #4

Some more work on this dude. Lighting has changed a bit and I've added the beanie. All the knit is modeled and and shaped onto the head.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Head WIP3

Relit the scene, worked on the shader, added some hair elements. There is not enough light getting into the eye sockets so they look a bit dark and weird. Things like the eybrows and eyelashes also need a fair bit of work. I need to add a bit of texture variation into the ears like maybe some veins or something, they look pretty flat. I planned to give him a beanie but now I'm starting to thing that will be a pain in the arse. I thing I will give him some kind of hat though

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I've relit the scene to something more neutral, updated most of the maps, updated the detailing on the sculpt and played with the shaders a bit. I've had to soften the 3d render a bit as I think I have an antialising filter in Vray that is too sharp. Also both my monitors have vastly different sharpnesses which is a pain. I need to get more out of the spec maps and localise stuff a bit more but I think it's moved along since the last render. Funny how how breakup in the skin texture ages him by like 10 years
ZB Sculpt

Sunday, April 10, 2011

As Yet Unnamed Project WIP1

A new personal project I'm working on.
I originally wanted to do a skateboarder type guy so that is where this started.
I'm aiming to do the entire body but I just wanted to do a head so I started here.
Everything's kind of coming together at once which is generally how I prefer to work. So nothing is final at the moment. The general proportions and anatomy, sculpt detail, various texture maps and hair stuff, lighting etc all need to be refined.
I like making ordinary looking people though, something about average looking faces is much more interesting than super stylised or fantasy creations to me sometimes.
The eye and forehead areas are sticking out to me the most at the moment. He looks like he's had botox or something. Desperately needs eyelashes also.