Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Boy WIP#1

Another character I have started on
The idea was to convey a child on their first day of school, I have the whole character blocked out but have only really spent any time on the head so far. I got the idea from seeing schoolkids with hilariously oversized backpacks and thought it would make an interesting portrait. He's giving off at Hitler vibe at the moment, maybe it's the hair. Also gathering reference images of children on the internet is... unsettling in some way. Observing children in real life is also generally frowned upon.


  1. OH, I thought it was going to be a girl :(

    Girl would have been much cooler, thats what I imagined in my head when you told me. I cant wait to see your 'kid reference' folder ha ha.

    As long as you don't do a Rodney Seffen on us, I'm still cool to be your friend.

    Nice start, should do the kid riding the tortoise...

  2. That comment would be appropriate had the girl in that case been a child. It would be nice if 'educated' people were actually educated and have the brains to work out truth from media fabrications