Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A furry friend (WIP)

Foolishly decided to try and do a project with hair again
It's a slightly stylised Short Clawed Asian Otter
The groom needs lots of work at but I've spent ages getting the hang of lighting and rendering the fur and getting settings for quick(ish) testing and good quality final rendering.
This render is on a medium setting and took about half an hour to render, I desaturated it in post cos the colour map is pretty rough at the moment.
I couldn't get the results I wanted from the vrayhairmtl so this is done with a normal vray shader with a big broad coloured specular to fake the trannsmissive, lifelike quality and another sharp white spec for the direct pings of light. Kind of borrowed from what the vrayhairmtl shader does. The current variation (kink, frizz etc.) values are giving a pretty crappy look around the chest and belly sepcecially, I will look at working in clumping etc to get the hair looking better.

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