Friday, December 3, 2010

Another WIP

Did some lighting and shader work on this today as well as some comp in Nuke
I chucked in eyes that I had from my other project and havent done textures for the teeth and gums yet


  1. Whoah, thats wicked. Love the skin, it looks really coarse. Looks sort of like he is made out of clay

  2. This is pretty sweet, Eoin, I really love your work. I should like to pick your brain about ZBrush sometime. If I can offer one constructive crit, I don't really like the shape of the top eyelid on his right eye, it looks too pointy to me. I realize this is a stylized character but it just seems to stray that little too far from reality for my liking.. Maybe a slightly smoother arc would be a bit less jarring (while keeping the space above his iris, obviously, to retain the intensity of his stare)? Sorry if I am outta line saying that, I just know I want people to give me more useful crits myself, and of course it's just my personal opinion... Hope things are going great at Iloura! Catch you soon maybe.

  3. Also, I think you should remove a couple of his teeth :P