Monday, November 23, 2009

Galpagos Giant Tortoise WIP #4

I've done some more sculpting on this model and also mapped the pieces of the model and exported some low res displacement maps to test that things are working as they should be.
I've comped the wireframe over the top to show the underlying geometry.
I'm looking forward to texturing this guy now although there is a fair bit of cleaning up and sculpting to do in Zbrush first.
Rendered in Mental Ray


  1. SO cool. Cant wait to see him textured and animated!

  2. Yeah, what the other guy said from me, too. Also, since you went and posted again, I had better bug you again. Soo...PLEASE CHECK OUT MY BLOGS AND FOLLOW ME!!! Annoy ya later, Miss Eccentric.

  3. Hello! Great piece! I know this was done years ago but I'd be curious to hear how you did the skin on this guy. Was it alphas and did you use masks to extrude the different textures? In particular I'm interested in the legs. If you find time to comment I'd love to hear!